Smart Walking to Save Energy & Time

Before getting to the gist of smart walking, I want to thank the farmers at From the Country Farm for the use of the photo demonstrating Farm Family Walking. While not really Smart Walking, it certainly is a novel way to get a little exercise on a snowy winter day. Pay them a visit; they have a lot going on. Now, to the subject at hand. In my quest to save the Big Four (time, labor, money, … Continue reading

The Kid’s Sled to Chore Sled- A Back Saver

I always lament that time when winter is officially here and using the hose to water the livestock is no longer possible. There are few things harder on the old back then lugging water to various groups of animals and dragging the frozen buckets back to thaw. Then there’s hay and fodder to distribute. The whole process feels like it takes eons when you’re toting buckets and armloads of hay hither and yon. Practice might make the job … Continue reading