How to Beat the Winter Blues

If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or just feel blah when one gray day follows another, there are some simple things that may lift the oppression.

Quercetin with Bromelain is a supplement that is reputed to help “manage seasonal discomfort”. My experience with this bioflavonoid comes from a mystery shop I did involving FRS. FRS is an energy supplement that relies on Quercetin to supply energy and boost the immune system. My son and I both felt a marked improvement during my trial with it and I began ordering it monthly. Then, I discovered Quercetin in capsule form is much cheaper and yields the same results.

Raw apple cider vinegar mixed with honey and water is a day brightener with a pleasant taste. Not only does it pick me up when my energy level drops, it relieves my arthritis pain.
     1 Tablespoon raw vinegar
     1 Tablespoon honey
     8 oz of water

Light therapy is an important part of my life during the winter. Sitting in the light for 15-20 minutes a day alleviates much of the depression I experience during this season devoid of sunlight. My light also has an ionizer that I use even though the air coming from it does smell funny.

Seasonal Affective Disorder causes me to have no energy, feel depressed and sleep too much. To beat this, I have a daily routine. Each morning I fix a glass of vinegar and honey, take 2 Quercetin and sit in the light while I read email. I drink vinegar and honey again in the early afternoon. I’m lucky that these easy things work for me; some people need medication.
What things work for you to relieve depression?