We’ve had quite a few skunks around here this year. The other night Shane and Annie tangled with one. At first I thought it may have been a porcupine. Shane kept running around and rubbing his face along the ground. He didn’t smell like a skunk; he smelled burned. By the time we got home, he definitely smelled like a skunk. I was so relieved that he didn’t have a lot of quills in his face that I didn’t think about the impact his stinky self would have on the household.
I left the dogs outside and quickly searched online for a remedy. I found it here:
The Best Way to De-Skunk Your Dog

The three simple ingredients were in the cupboard and Shane got his first bath. No, he did not like it, but he put up with it. He can be quite a gentleman. I couldn’t do much about the area around his eyes so he is faintly aromatic.