The Kid’s Sled to Chore Sled- A Back Saver

I always lament that time when winter is officially here and using the hose to water the livestock is no longer possible. There are few things harder on the old back then lugging water to various groups of animals and dragging the frozen buckets back to thaw. Then there’s hay and fodder to distribute. The whole process feels like it takes eons when you’re toting buckets and armloads of hay hither and yon. Practice might make the job faster but not easier. Get a little age on you and…well, this blog is about “farming in your fifties” and beyond, after all. We need to find and share those little chore helps that make it easier so we can keep doing what we love AND avoid the energy stealers with their associated aches and pains.

A simple sled is a cheap solution to prevent a sore back and arms. It also speeds along the daily grind of feeding and watering animals or bringing in firewood. You’ll soon be back in the warm house with a steaming cup of coffee and plenty of energy to tackle the rest of the day’s tasks.
My humble sled is not the antique picture of loveliness as is the one pictured above. But, it is better suited to it’s purpose with its flat, plastic bottom. Who knew that Christmas present given so long ago would become a necessary piece of farm equipment. It is molded in such a way that the sides come up enough to keep the load of hay in place, unless I get carried away with sharp turns. It does require some finesse from the navigator to keep water, hay and buckets of fodder in place. For many years, it did double duty as the fun toy it is and as my biggest winter time assistant. Except, that is, for the farm dog.

Yet another choice if you are pulling lots of buckets of water is the jet sled. Every year, I contemplate one of these babies. The higher sides should make hay slides a thing of the past. Heck, I could pull a whole bale on one of these if need be. I could definitely pull all the water buckets out at once. As it is, I make a couple of trips. Maybe I’ve been frugal long enough. Maybe it’s time, now that I’m farming in my sixties, to retire the old beater and move up to the Rolls Royce of chore sleds. I bet this year Santa will bring me one for Christmas. Especially if I promise to donate the old blue sled to a some nice kids down the road.

And remember, sleds aren’t just for winter use. Mine is in use all year hauling yard debris, soil amendments to the garden and branches for the goats to nibble.
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The Kid’s Sled to Chore Sled- A Back Saver — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, there! I use my kids’ sled to haul straw and hay in the winter. And for moving rocks and yard clean-up year round. 🙂 It does make my work much lighter. I have been reading your GMO posts as my husband and I have recently decided we need to cut them from our family’s diet. Seems it’s not as easy as it sounds.

    Have a great night.


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Vicki:) Yeah, moving rocks, a sled would make that job a lot easier. Good luck with your non GMO journey. Any changes you make are positive. It’s easy to become overwhelmed if you try to cut them all out at once. We’re still working on it.

  3. Those are great suggestions about using sleds! I’ll have to rummage around our shed and see what we have. Makes so much sense…thanks for the post!