Hoops to House Chickens or Salad Greens

Cattle panel hoop 600.jpg

We use these arched structures for different purposes. They are relatively easy for two people to build. My husband could put them together by himself. One year we used a long one to keep salad greens and thyme alive from November until February. The leaf lettuce stopped actively growing in November and resumed growing at the end of February. The months in between the greens were still alive and able to be harvested. Kind of like extended cold storage. We had fresh salads all winter that year.
The year we supplied a local restaurant with eggs, the laying hens were housed in long hoop house made of several panels. It was situated among some pine trees to protect it from wind and heavy snow loads. We covered it with a large blue tarp and added a light  to keep the hens laying. The strange, other- worldly look of a blue dome glowing on a snowy landscape earned it the name of “The Mother ship”.
This winter, a small, two-panel hoop house will house the 3 laying hens that provide all the eggs we need. It is located in the garden and will allow them to forage around until the snow gets too deep.


Hoops to House Chickens or Salad Greens — 2 Comments

  1. I love reading your posts. My husband and also have a small farm. We are always looking for a way to make things easier as we get older. We did not grow up farming and have little to no physical help and very few dollars.
    I would love to know more about growing fodder for our animals.

    • Thank you for the feedback:) You all do a lot on your farm. You raise bison, too? That’s an impressive animal. I think we are in the same boat as far as help and money go. We will have to improvise, right? Here is a link to a facebook fodder group that is full of great information. If your husband is at all handy, he should be able to put something together for you to experiment with. Some of the systems people come up with are quite ingenious and much cheaper than the manufactured ones. Did you watch the fodder conference I posted? That has good information, too.