Time to Get Proactive about GM seed

I just finished watching a documentary about Monsanto and GM seed. I was astounded by the corruption and dirty tricks that resulted in the contamination and control of the world’s food. I can rant and rave about this, blog about it and email senators and representatives. However, the best thing I can do is buy non GM, heirloom seed and learn better methods of saving seed from the food I grow. I’d like to take it a step further and involve my farming friend down the road in saving some seed. That’s the beginning of a network of farming friends all saving seeds from the vegetables that do well in our climate.
Watching this movie gave me the kick in the pants I needed to save something other than flower and herb seeds. You can view the documentary by clicking the link below. 
The World According to Monsanto
If you save seed or are part of a seed bank/network, please share tips or contact me if you’d like to be a guest blogger.

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Time to Get Proactive about GM seed — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t know if a regular consumer can buy GM seeds. Monsanto sells them to farmers under contract and won’t let the farmer save the seeds..it’s against their patent. The seed is used to grow a commercial crop only…not a garden. That’s the way I understand the process.

  2. Yes, Lynda, I believe you are right that GM seed is only available under contract to commercial farmers. That could change. Monsanto bought Seminis a mega vegetable seed company in 2005. The article “Monsanto Buys Seminis” details the purchase. It can be found here: http://newfarm.rodaleinstitute.org/features/2005/0205/seminisbuy/index.shtml
    The article mentions that Fedco was surveying their customers to see how they felt about them continuing to offer Seminis seed. Fedco listened to their base and no longer sells seed connected to Monsanto.

  3. Having worked in the Ag Industry for 10 years in the late 80’s and early to mid 90’s I saw the beginning of what I see now as a total infringement of our right to purchase none GM foods. Back then there were “perks” for the farmers that participated in the “growth programs”. A certain percentage of their crops had to be the GM seed and the balance none GM. Their perks included reduced seed cost, increased water rights, and reduced cost of fertilizers and sprays. The financial incentive was even greater when their crops were guaranteed and pre-purchased by our government. Even in its beginning I was so troubled. Farmers with any type of conscience were being shut out because the cost of water was increasing, farming lost it’s heart, its true purpose… to feed the nations. And the farmer’s that are unscrupulous would spray illegal chemicals or mis use the ones that were not designated for their crops… That is why I grow or buy organic… Even then I wonder….