Tips & Tricks Tuesday

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  1. Do you love to find a new, easier, more productive way to accomplish a task or get more bang for your buck? I’m a fan of easy, time and money saving tips. Each Tuesday, I’ll share what works for me, for others or something I read in an old Mother Earth News. This post also a feature on the new Farming in My Fifties Facebook page. Feel free to share any tips you have either place.



Household – Cleaning the Kitchen

  1. This cleaning & organizing checklist helps establish a routine to keep the kitchen-messy_150kitchen looking spiffy.
  2. With a clean cloth, begin at the right of the stove to wipe countertops. The stove will be the last surface to be washed insuring grease from the stove isn’t transferred to the counters.
  3. Clean the blender FAST!  After pouring out the just-blended concoction, take the blender pitcher straight to the sink. Add some water and a drop of dish soap. Put it back on the blender, and turn it on for about 20 seconds. Rinse it and that task is finished.

In the Garden

  1. Group plants by needs (sun, water, amount of fertilizer or harvest date) to save time. wheelbarrow-_150
  2. When heading to the garden, remember to give your tools a ride to the destination in your garden cart or wheelbarrow. Toss the weeds in the cart & return back to the tool shed via the compost heap.
  3. Deep mulch suppresses weeds, feeds the soil, and conserves water by keeping soil moist,. That just knocked out three chores.

Around the Farm: Barn Work

  1. Wear a dust mask when working in the barn to avoid allergy flare-ups from dust and dust mask 150hay.
  2. To prevent backaches, customize your barn space by hanging shelves at a convenient height and not packing too much weight into boxes and containers.
  3. Take advantage of wall space to hang tripping hazards such as hoses and extension cords.


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