Tips & Tricks Tuesday

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Do you love to find a new, easier, more productive way to accomplish a task or get more bang for your buck? I’m a fan of easy, time and money saving tips. Each Tuesday, I’ll share what works for me, for others or something I read in an old Mother Earth News. This post also a feature on the Farming in My Fifties Facebook page. Feel free to share any tips you have either place.



Household – Make a Clean Sweep

1. Select the correct broom for the job. Stiff bristle brooms are best for outdoor use and brooms150on porous surfaces such as cement. For smooth indoor floors, soft/fine bristle brooms are the ideal choice.

2. The right dustpan will make short work of collecting all the crumbs if it has a rubber edge that hugs the floor. No more frustrating dust line to re-sweep.

3. To protect the bristles and lengthen the life of the broom, store with the bristles up.

In the Garden – Clay Pots

1. Spray equal parts rubbing alcohol and white vinegar on clay pots & scrub with a clay pots 150brush to remove salt stains.

2. Pound a 2′ length of rebar into the ground at the corners of garden beds. Put one clay pot on the bar upside down. Place the other on right side up. You now have an instant hose guide to protect garden plants when dragging the hose to water.

3. Protect tender plants on frosty nights by placing a clay pot upside down over the plant.

Around the Farm – Oyster Shell Substitutes for Chickens

1. Milk products: yogurt, mozzarella, clabber and of course, milk.chickens150

2. Greens: collard, mustard, spinach, kale, turnip, romaine.

3. Herbs: dill seeds, basil, peppermint leaves, thyme, fennel.


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