Tips & Tricks Tuesday

fairy with magic wand300.jpgDo you love to find a new, easier, more productive way to accomplish a task or get more bang for your buck? I’m a fan of easy, time and money saving tips. Each Tuesday, I’ll share what works for me, for others or something I read in an old Mother Earth News. This is also a feature on the new Farming in My Fifties Facebook page. Feel free to share any tips you have either place.

Household – Uses for Eggshellseggshells 150

  1. Each medium eggshell has about 750 mgs of calcium. Bake eggshells for eight minutes at 350, pulverize and use as a calcium supplement.
  2. Remove the bitter taste from coffee by adding crushed shells to ground coffee before brewing.
  3. To add calcium and extra minerals to your garden, sprinkle crushed shells in each hole before planting.

Gardenflower garden 150

  1. Instead of pulling weeds, use a weed whacker to slice the weeds to ground level. If done on a sunny day, the roots will dry up. Don’t do this on weeds that are going to seed or you will just scatter seeds everywhere and add to your misery.
  2. Rather than digging up tender bulbs in the fall, cover with a tarp and 6″ to 12″ of mulch. Moisture won’t rot the bulbs and the mulch will protect from freezing.
  3. Choose perennial flowers with long blooming seasons so your garden will always look great. Some examples are: coneflower, black-eyed Susan, yarrow, moonbeam coreopsis and Shasta daisy.

Around the Farm – Moving Sheepsheep-150

  1. A sheep has a blind zone immediately behind it. Use that to your advantage when trying to catch it.
  2. Sheep won’t move toward visual dead ends in unfamiliar places. Add a mirror on the wall so they move toward the sheep they see reflected.
  3. Sheep are reluctant to enter dark barns. Open windows or turn on a light in a barn to brighten the interior before trying to move them inside.

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