Titan Chains Update

It has been months since I’ve mentioned Titan Chains. This company literally saved my little homestead by providing needed income after my husband died rather suddenly. I was a happy crafter from 8/11 – 3/13 when Titan closed down due to difficulty finding wire that was consistent. During the down time they revamped the process & started over with a new team. The new website is much easier to navigate & the FAQs address the most pertinent questions that most independent contractors will have. Although the basics of the bracelet design are very similar there are enough changes to warrant formerly approved crafters to start from the beginning.
The new bracelets incorporate both single & double weave & are a wonderful improvement over the original design. The payment of $120 profit for a lot of 10 remains the same.
Once I’m caught up on fiber processing & knitting, I hope to start once again with Titan. Until then, I will use what I’ve learned to make a few bracelets to have on hand for birthday & Christmas gifts. I did this last year & the bracelets were well received. I incorporated stones that are peculiar to Michigan & are of special interest to anyone who grew up or spent much time around Lake Michigan. Titan also offers an array of supplies for sale for those who prefer to come up with their own designs.

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Titan Chains Update — 2 Comments

  1. I looked over their website and it looks interesting… I was wondering how many bracelets is an average person able to do in a week? When my kids were little I painted figurines at home for Sarahs Attic… it was a pay per piece job and it allowed me to stay at home with my girls. This seems like the same kind of situation… although I didn’t have to put any money up front to work there. But I can understand their reasons… the materials are expensive to just be handing out and not get any items back. Thanks in advance for your response.

  2. It’s hard to say how many bracelets can be made. Too many variables to predict such as experience, skill, time available. There is a cap at 5 lots/month, so if you can make 50 acceptable bracelets/month you would make $600 profit.
    I could make 10/week, no problem. That was back before the shut down. I was always paid on time & didn’t have work rejected. In my experience Titan was always fair.
    I’ve not heard of Sarah’s Attic. That sounds like a fun job. I painted game boards for a local business & really liked it.