Update on the Cattle Panel Hoop House

The hoop pictured is the one that will house our laying hens this winter. Tarps will be used for the skin instead of builder’s plastic. We noticed that there is more condensation on the inside of the hoop when clear plastic is used. That is good for plants but not for chickens. Even with tarps, there will still be days that it drips inside the hoop. We can open the doors on both ends to provide ventilation. I would love to have louvered vents in the tops of the doors that could be opened and closed. Maybe next year.
One year we had a four or five panel hoop that housed 25 chickens. We used deep litter on the floors. Each day I’d scatter some corn on the floor and the chickens would get busy scratching for it. That kept the bedding turned and aerated so there was no ammonia buildup. New bedding was added as needed. The combination of the decomposing bedding and the right number of birds kept their drinking water from freezing unless we had sustained below zero weather.

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