What’s Up With the Blog?

gardeners300.jpgI ask myself that question from time to time, mostly, when a long time has elapsed since my last post. Trying to stay topic specific is one of the culprits behind the absence. There is only so much to discuss if the focus is kept in the narrow parameters of livestock & garden. Realizing this, has changed my outlook once again.

What about all the things that make maintaining this lifestyle challenging for those of us in this age bracket? Of course, there is the physical labor aspect for a woman approaching retirement age. Tilling the garden & mucking out the barn just aren’t happening as quickly or painlessly as before. But, what about financial & health components? Caring for an aging parent? Providing childcare for the grands? Some of these things are joyful and rewarding, but they are all still time, money & energy stealers. I’d like to pose some questions & get some answers on various ways to work around the obstacles in our paths.

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