Winter Has Dealt a Few Blows

Winter has been magnificently beautiful and simultaneously cruel this year and kept me too busy to read the blogs I enjoy or to share things I find interesting. Chores take a lot longer when it is so cold that they can’t be completed at one go. The situation has been further complicated by drifting snow in my path to the sheep. So, between taking a break to warm up from the cold or rest up from shoveling/slogging through the drifts, chores have taken a lot longer than usual.
What fencing? That was the question I asked Sunday morning when I woke to find that the snow had drifted against the fence so only about a foot of fence top was peeking above snowy mounds in some places. Now, the lambs must be shut in at night to keep them safe from predators. We’ll see in spring how much fencing needs to be repaired. We will have to have a better plan for next winter to handle the drifts to keep the animals safe.

disappearing fence line enhanced 600.jpg

Who peed on the floor? I pondered this one day last week when a puddle suddenly appeared on my bedroom floor. My dogs are very good at holding it, so I hoped that one of them wasn’t developing a health problem. Got it all cleaned up and later in the day was surprised by another small lake in the same spot. It didn’t take long to figure out it was the result of a dreaded ice dam that had formed on the roof. The melting ice runs down the inside of the wall and exits into my room below the baseboard. We have a strategy to begin melting the ice on the roof that is complicated by geography and bad roads. The product we need isn’t available locally.
We are not alone. The insurance adjuster said this winter the damage has been significant and it’s hard to get anyone out to make repairs. I know there are people with much greater problems and pray they can get the help they need. When spring arrives the skylight will be pulled out and that section roofed over. The bedroom wall and all the affected insulation will be removed and that area treated for mold. The adjuster estimates the cost of repairs will come in just below my deductible. Good thing my son and I helped my husband hang & finish sheetrock:) Spring will be even more busy than usual.
The last time winter gave me this big a fit was the Blizzard of ’78.
I hope this season is being kind to you.


Winter Has Dealt a Few Blows — 2 Comments

    • My son and his friend took care of the ice dam that was causing the problem. Now we wait until spring and have the skylights pulled out and roofed over. Thanks for asking:)