Work at Home: Titan Chains

My Bracelets: Style 1 (R) and Style 2 (L)

For the past couple of years, I’ve worked from home at various jobs I found on the Internet. My favorite is making bracelets for Titan Chains. I ordered my kit in August of 2011, am now making a couple of lots each week and still getting things done around the homestead. There is no counting or place holding involved. My day is full of interruptions and the work can easily be set aside and resumed later.
These bracelets are made from stainless wire that is “knit” around a mandrel. The mandrel is so slender that it seems like it would be impossible to work with. Appearances are deceiving and once the technique is mastered, it is simple and relaxing work. Perseverance is key along with the old adage, “practice makes perfect”.  Even though I hadn’t worked with wire before, it wasn’t difficult to learn the process. The biggest challenge, for me was maintaining even tension and finishing the ends.

Titan Chains provides excellent visual and written instructions. There is also a help desk staffed by knowledgeable people to bail the crafter out when she gets stuck. I was surprised by the thorough review I received. Not only were my mistakes pointed out, but I was given tips on how to correct them.
There are fees involved with any craft-at-home opportunity. The fees pay for the tools and supplies that are sent to the prospective worker. The staff that gives the reviews must also be paid. The fee is returned after a specified number of lots have been submitted. Once you are approved to work for them, all supplies are provided free of charge. You are even reimbursed for the postage you pay to send the bracelets in. Payments are consistent and fall on the same day each week. 
This job is a perfect fit for my homesteading lifestyle. The consistent work and timely payments are as reliable as any off-site job I’ve ever had.
Another benefit is that I’ve gotten great deals on supplies from Titan to make & sell my own creations. Without putting forth much effort, I sold 10 bracelets around Christmas. I haven’t investigated selling on Etsy yet, but that is a future plan.
I have a few suggestions to pass along that make weaving viking knit chains a tad bit easier.

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  1. This looks like a good way to make extra income from home! I may get started next payday and see if I can make this work for me.
    Thanks for the info!

  2. It is definitely a legitimate company.
    I can’t answer whether it will be easy for you to do. Like most crafts,it takes practice and experience to master. For me, it seemed moderately difficult when I first began. The process became easier with each lot I completed.

  3. I have done a lot of different wirework in jewelry
    but I havent done Viking knit, I also know there is a new tool for it the Lazee Dazee that assists in doing viking knit. Can it be used while working for them?
    I so would like to do this work

    • Is the wire very flexible. I have been practicing with 36 gauge wire and I get a lot of kinks in the wire. I just purchased the Lazee Daizee tool and am going to practice with that. How many loops goes Titan use for their bracelets?

    • It is stainless steel and rather stiff. It is not as fine as the 36 gauge wire you are using so should kink less. You probably realize from the comments above that the Lazee Daizee tool won’t work with the Titan wire. There are 3 or 4 loops in Titan bracelets.

    • Titan Chains requires you to use their tools and materials and they will not accept your work if you use other tools like the lazee dazee

  4. is there a video of an official hired worker making one with the tools given?

    • There wasn’t one when I started with them. That’s a good question to ask them directly via email. I found their written instructions sufficient to learn the technique. Like any new skill, it will require practice to perfect. When I sent my sample bracelets in, they sent back a very thorough review. If you get stuck, the help desk is quick to respond.

  5. I’m not certain what you mean by “actual” profit. All materials are supplied and postage for sending bracelets back is reimbursed. The payout on the first lot is greater than the fee involved for the kit and training. So my answer is that first time I profited was when I was paid for my first lot.

  6. Wow you answered so fast. Thank you for responding I do have a few more questions if you don’t mind.
    Have you ever had a lot rejected?
    Do they have a limit on how many lots you can do?
    How long would it take from order of lot to pay of lot?

  7. Glad I can help.
    I haven’t had a lot rejected. I realize that they have every right to reject inferior work and am very careful with my crafting.
    The next two questions I can’t really answer. You can email Titan and ask if there are limits.
    How long it takes to get paid depends a lot on the craftsperson. It also is dependent on the distance the material is traveling. Titan pays weekly.

  8. Hi. . .how soon after you’ve submitted a lot do you typically receive your next supply?

  9. Titan Chains can give you the best answer to this question. They have always been very good about responding promptly when I’ve emailed them.

  10. i just got mine in and i finished a style one but the instructions for style 2 didnt make any sence it just shows one loop so do you just do duble loobs all the way or can you post a link or video for the directions

  11. When you order the kit does it include enough supplies so if you mess up you can still do the job?

  12. My kit had adequate supplies. Some people buy craft wire and practice doing the viking knit before starting in on the kit. There are good videos on youtube that show you how.

  13. does anyone know of any other work at home jobs besides this?
    i am a desperete stay at home mom that needs to make some kind of an income asap….please help i am in need.

  14. If you go to youtube and search for “viking knit”, you should find helpful videos.
    It sounds like you are in a desperate situation. Have you looked at the forums I posted on this thread? You might find some things to do there to earn some more money. I’m praying that your situation improves.

    • Why doesn’t Titan Chains have a video to watch. What is this viking knit thing anyway? Thanks.

    • I don’t know the answer to your first question. It’s a method of creating a chain with wire. If you watch a youtube video you will see the process.

  15. Hey starlighthill. I noticed on Titan chains website that they will need your social sercurity number for tax purposes after makin $600. I was wondering if you have had to do that yet and had any issues from that giving it to them. Just want to know that’s it’s completely legit if I have to give them my ssn. Thanks!

  16. Personal question, sorry. Would you mind telling us what kind of money have you made for the hours you have put into it? In your opinion, has this been the best work at home business for you?

  17. I understand that you’d like to know what you can expect as an hourly wage before jumping in. I wish I could tell you, but that is impossible for me to answer. You might find this is not something you like to do or that you’re not good at it. You might find that you love it and are very talented. Since it is paid by piecework, it is not practical to compare crafters.
    This works the best for me of the various at-home jobs I’ve done. It is easy to work it around the other commitments and duties I have.

  18. hello starhill , thank you so much for replying to all of us.. and being so understanding ..i am 47 yrs old working for mcdonalds rest for 7.25 hr..i have looked over the titan chain website .. and dollar for dollar.. i would make more in this.. a month . im new to crafting w/ jewelry. but it cant nearly be as stressful or exhausting / demanding than working in a rest. i have ordered my kit tonight. and with GOD help / speed / guidance. i can make a decent home based business with this..with better pay ! it will defintely save on driving to work every day ! i understand it will take time… to “speed it along” but as with anything new..”practice does make perfect” and you do get better at it .. im excited that its a “real legit business” for assembly work at home… thank you for your replies ;];];]

  19. I order my kit a couple weeks ago. My suggestions is stick to your day job.It’s not as easy as she is portraying it to be but practice makes perfect.The help desk is awesome and it is not a scam lets just say if you are looking to get fast cash or a work at home job explore your options beyond this.

  20. Good luck, Patty! I hope this works well for you;)Remember, Titan’s help desk is the first and best place to go if you run into problems.

  21. Starlighthill, please are you located anywhere near tulsa, i would like to come watch you complete one, i bought my kit an di am desperate to succeed but i need help. thank you. please email me at

  22. I am glad to see a success story with Titan Chains. I have been looking for an at home job to make a little extra money to help pay off bills quicker, nothing to get rich off of. I had found Titan Chains and one other at home craft assembly company that I was considering. After talking it over with my husband I decicded to go with Titan Chains. I ordered my kit at the end of last month and recieved it about a week and a half later. I started working on the first style the day I got it, and it took me most of the day to finish it, but I would also stop for a bit and do other things in between. The next day I worked on the second style and it took me about 5 hours to finish. (Watching a video on youtube helped me to figure out the second style) Although it is not mandatory to send in samples, I did anyway, but I have not heard back from the company about my samples. I was wondering about how long it took you to hear back from them. I was hoping to get suggestions/advice from sending in my sample before working on any more, but it seems to be taking a while for them to respond. Also, I noticed you said you make a couple lots a week. Have you ordered extra supplies or do you just work with what they send? My initial kit includes enough wire to make 1 lot and maybe to start on one more bracelet.

    • It is best to wait for the evaluation before working on the rest of the lot. I suggest emailing them to see if they’ve received your samples.
      I work with what they send me.

    • I checked the mail yesterday afternoon and my evaluation was there. Guess I was just being impatient. My biggest problem is getting the loop size consistent, but that is easy enough to work on. Thanks.

  23. Hey I just ordered my kit and it came really fast the technique looks very easy but Im having a hard time getting started with the little stick any suggestions?

  24. I’d really like to try this but I just checked the BBB website on this company and the current rating is an F. Anyone know anything about this? I understand they had a B- until recently.

  25. The BBB website states that the factors that lowered Titan’s rating were:
    BBB concerns with the industry in which this business operates.
    Length of time business has been operating.
    I’m guessing that the industry they refer to is work-at-home opportunities. There are plenty of scams out there.
    I’ve been working with them for almost one year, have submitted many lots and have had no issues.

  26. I just want to say thank you to starlighthill for taking the time to answer all the questions. I’m getting ready to start my first lot for titan and your input makes me feel much more comfortable about my decision. Good luck to everyone!!

  27. hello just ordered my kit. Do you know if you have to pay each time you order a new supply?

  28. Starlighthill beats around the questions to much..if you work for them you would know the basic questions that people are asking on here..not your usual response….ask the help desk..c’mon people she is probably the owner wanting your fees..

  29. Sorry if I appear to be less than straightforward when answering questions. I am not an owner and collect no fees. I’ve worked as a crafter with Titan since 8/11.
    This post was meant as a review of my experience with Titan Chains, not as a substitute for Titan’s Help Desk.
    Policies change with all companies. I’m not aware of exactly how things are being done with new crafters and don’t want to give people wrong information.
    To get current, most helpful information, I suggest going to the source.

  30. Starlighthill, Is there a tip/trick in getting the end caps on style 2 to fit. It is driving me crazy. Thanks

  31. Anyone have any helpful hints on how to get the starter bundle loops around an extremely thin mandrel. I am using 4 loops for this technique and each loop is bigger than the mandrel itself. I have squeezed them to try to get them to fit but nothing is working. I listened to the person who suggested getting a viking knit kit from Michaels and learn the technique first, and it seemed to work quite well with that kit. I really don’t want to give up because I really need to make some money but I am feeling a bit hopeless at this point.

  32. I would like to know if you are still working for this company?

    I would like to also know on average how many (lots) do you send in a week/months time? Or how many did you send in? I’m meaning you personally, not a question for the help desk but for you as a person.

    Thank you for your time.

    • I am still an independent contractor with Titan Chains. I send in 2-3 lots per month. This month I sent in 1 lot because I had orders to work on for Christmas.

  33. I tape mine tightly onto the mandrel. You might also want to use some of the softer craft wire to make the starter bundle. It will be cut off at the end, anyway.

  34. I wrote in on 11/20 and just want to say Thanks So Much for taking the time that you do to help all of us with all of our questions. You are truly a very thoughtful person, and an inspiration!

  35. I would just like to thank you for posting here and answering what questions you can, Star.

    I was nervous about spending the money for this venture but went ahead after reading your blog. I have not finished my first lot yet but I find the work interesting and hope Titan approves of my work. Your suggestions helped alot after I had received my supplies and was finding it difficult to get started …

    1) I would never have thought to look on YouTube as I rarely go there and only for music.

    2) I can see the need for the different pliers for drawing the finished piece, though I have not yet had the opportunity to purchase a set.

    3) I realized the need for wrapping your fingers immediately, though I didn’t like the duct tape idea, so I purchased a box of those rubber fingertips people use in offices to aid in working with papers. I find they work well without leaving tape residue on your fingers, as well as being reusable.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to post here. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your kindness & coming back to comment. I wish the best success. You won’t need the pliers with the nylon tips for Titan work, but the padding is invaluable if you plan on making your own jewelry with softer wire. I used the round nose pliers that Titan sends for several lots before I discovered that, for me, the chain nose pliers were easier to work with.
      Isn’t youtube great? We learned how to change the control board in our fridge on youtube. I watch lots of movies there too. I adore free education & entertainment.
      Thanks for sharing the rubber fingertips idea. I will be trying that for sure. Much better than duct tape from the sound of things.
      Again good luck with your first lot.

  36. I would like to also say thanks! I am an at home mom of 2, one with special needs, both under 9.. My husband has currently lost his job, and while he is in between jobs, I decided to look, one more time, for a legit company. I found Titan off another blog from someone else who used them, checked the website, but needed something else to prove.. Now I am convinced. I will order tomorrow, and see how it goes. I realize it takes practice and patience.. I also do Automotive mechanics and Wine brewing at home, so perhaps I can master these too! Thanks again!!

    • I’ve noticed you in many forums! =) I just want to add, doing awesome! Working on my first lot tonight. I got my reviews back, everything was great except my loops were a bit to big.. they even sent me sample chains to compare. I love this! Its difficult, but not impossible! And easier the more you do it. My biggest issue is now I have my chain stuck on the mandrel and cannot for the life of me get it loose! Bahaha.

  37. Hi, starlighthill. I really appreciate this forum. I’ve been thinking about joining up with Titan Chains for quite some time now. Unfortunately, there are no positions open at the moment. But as soon as one opens up, I’m gonna have to jump on this. My hands are my gift, so I’m not really concerned with the difficulty of the work…I’ll get it 🙂 Anyway, you’re doing a great job on this forum. Thanks again, and God’s blessings!

  38. I just wanted to say I appreciate your diligence in responding to all the comments and replies. Also, I wanted to personally thank you for your thoughts and insights on Titan Chains, a company I am very interested in working for. I mulled about it for too long apparently (all positions are filled/closed at the moment), but rest assured that I’m going to jump on the next opportunity to work with my hands. It’s the gift I was given, so I feel confident I’ll excel with Titan Chains. I look forward to getting a chance to…hopefully I do. ANyway, thanks again for your enthusiasm.

  39. this is a scarm when you click the link to contact and BUY the kit it sends you to some page about disciples crosses at home assembly thing…how did they get so many of you guys to go along with the lie to fool people into thinking this thing is real when they will find out its not when they try to buy the kit to get started?!

  40. This is NOT a scam. I made over $4,000 in 2012 contracting part time with Titan. They are having issues with the wire & searching for another manufacturer. Because of this, all work is on hold & they aren’t hiring any new workers. When I click on the contact tab, there is a message stating Titan isn’t hiring new workers. I didn’t see anything about Disciple’s Cross.

  41. True…if you click on you will be directed to Disciples Cross…however if you use you will be directed to the actual site.

  42. I haven’t started back up with them, yet. So much spinning and knitting is leaving me no time. I did work with them for 1 1/2 years and was always paid on time. The bracelets they are making now are much more attractive than the ones in the picture.

  43. It has been a while since anyone posted on this blog. Can I please get an update? I am interested in starting with Titan Chains, but I want to make sure that it’s worth it 🙂