Yaktrax – Don’t Do Chores Without Them

It is impossible to know how many falls my Yaktrax have prevented. I’m positive they have saved me from many back-wrenching injuries. You know, the kind you get when one foot slips on the ice and you do everything to stop yourself from falling and throw your back out in the process. The paths from the back door to the various barns and sheds become packed and slippery by Christmas and stay that way until well into March. That equals many trips walking slowly, carefully and prayerfully. With Yaktrax on my boots, I can step out with confidence and safely walk at a normal pace.

Yaktrax Walkers have a tendency to spring off your boots and you might not find them until the spring thaw. My next pair will be the “Pro” model with the strap that fits securely over the top of the boot.
Don’t wear them in the house, especially not on ceramic tile floors. Wearing Yaktrax on ceramic tile is like wearing leather soles on glare ice. You will slip and fall.


Yaktrax – Don’t Do Chores Without Them — 2 Comments

  1. starlighthill,
    Thanks for joining Homestead Revival™! Welcome. And I must agree; everyone needs some of these. I have a different brand, Stablicers, but same concept. We live where there is enough snow and ice to make them a winter necessity. I just wish I had found them sooner!

  2. Hi Amy,
    I was drawn in to your blog by the soap giveaway and found there is lots of good stuff to read. I didn’t know about Stabilicers. In looking for them online, I see the little traction nubs can be replaced. That’s a useful feature that should make them last longer.